Domus Cornelii
The House of Patriarch Cornelius

The Family Crest of the Gens Cornelia

House Cornelii Coat of Arms

The Devil Horns serve as a personal emblem for Patriarch Cornelius, as the roots of his name and the Cornelii household name, "Cornelius" and "Cornelii," derive from the Latin word "Cornu," meaning horn or horns. This also fits well with the Devil Horns in the FetLife icon.

The key symbolises knowledge and guardianship. In the medieval era, keys were often associated with the power to unlock and control access to important places and resources, such as castles, cities, and treasure vaults. As such, the key was seen as a symbol of authority, protection, and responsibility. It could also symbolise trust and loyalty, as someone who holds the key is trusted with the care and protection of what is locked. In the context of the household, the slaves are the ones who are locked: in their collars, chastity belts, etc, whilst the Patriarch is the one who holds the key.

The book symbolises knowledge, education, and a willingness to learn and listen. This book has the letter C on its cover, which stands for Cornelius (or Cornelii, the name of the household). The willingness to learn, listen, and self-development are important within the household. The slaves of the household are also expected to learn and memorise everything from the handbook of the household.

The red hand symbolises authority, power, discipline, and protection. The colour red is often associated with strength, courage, and determination, and the hand is a symbol of action, control, and agency. The red hand could therefore also represent the idea of the Patriarch wielding power and making decisions with authority. It also symbolises the ability to provide protection and discipline, representing the control and guidance of the Patriarch to his slaves in the household.

The BDSM emblem was incorporated into the backdrop of the shield to showcase that this is a BDSM household, with the book, key, and red hand forming the dots of the emblem.

The naked female wearing a collar and in chains held by a bear symbolises her vulnerability, submission, enslavement, and ownership. The nudity of the female symbolises her vulnerability, while her kneeling represents her submission, and the collar and chains symbolise her enslavement and being owned. The bear holding the chain to her collar symbolises that she is forever bound to this household.

The bear symbolises many things. It was thought to possess diplomacy equal to its incredible strength, and it is the emblem of ferocity in the protection of the family. Regardless of how vulnerable the female may be, the bear holding her chain also represents that she is protected. It is also a symbol of strength and bravery.

The heart symbolises affection and commitment. The female presents her heart as an expression of her unwavering love and devotion to both the household and the bear, binding herself to them with a devotion that transcends time and space.

"Sic Parvis Magna" is the household's guiding philosophy, translated from Latin to mean "Greatness from small beginnings." This maxim holds great significance for all members of our household, embodying the spirit of growth, progress, and excellence. It's a powerful reminder that greatness is not determined by one's starting point, but rather by their unwavering commitment and determination to reach for the stars.